Income Tax Slab Rates for Salaried Class in Pakistan 2018-19

In this country, the importance of tax cannot be neglected. This part of the world is facing a number of issues with limited sources. It is just through this tax that the government is able to finance its activities. Meanwhile one also observed that the personal income tax revenue is quite low. If representative collects it to an average range then sure they invest this amount on some project. Now Pakistan govt tries different tactics to improve collection ratio, for the salaried class Income Tax Slab Rates chart has come for 2018-19. This carries huge importance in Pakistan because with the help of this amount many projects are being completed. This is an educated community who knows it’s all benefits, it is the time that all should be contributing so that the national treasury of Pakistan can be increased.

If it will be collected then all of the poorer classes will be given relief and benefits. This will help and let us to smoother up the flow of our money that also effects on the economy. So need of the hour is that once time we trust them, may this time things are going in right direction.

If authorities will be able to collect then they will able to gives proper complete facilities to the citizens. But the need is that they come up with the policies so that equal distribution of money can be ensured. If the faith of the taxpayers will be restored then the government of Pakistan will be able to carry out this process in a better way.

For this, some suitable reforms should be introduced. That every class gives its contribution to it, we need to encourage each and every citizen of Pakistan to pay it. It is for their own betterment, it is for the betterment of their country as well. One should fulfill his duty in an honest way.

Note: Table in below part is of Last year, but its enough for an estimation.


The way officials impose income tax slab rates for salaried class its necessary that they target businessmen in 2018 and 2019. The benefit will only produce when the outcome will come.

Further now on annual base, New Income Tax Rates 2018 In Pakistan has also publicized.

Last year Table:

figures of tax

Meanwhile, there is no doubt in this factor that corruption and one man decision make this nation hopeless. Now everyone realizes that their money is not going in the right direction so they find an alternate through which they can save it. But currently, the basic need is that everyone will trust in government, that they will utilize this money in a better way.

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