Jeep Wrangler 2018 Price in Pakistan

If you love to keep jeeps then how can you miss this Wrangler! It is one of the recommended one from our side. You can buy it now because it is available. This automobile is the best for the tough road journeys, as well for those who love to beat other with a roar. During 2018 the price of Wrangler Jeep in Pakistan is slightly going up, because of new specs and interior accessories in its new model. This has own class that beat any other ride, meanwhile, its outer body is also sending the best impression. If you just love to go on the adventurous journeys then this is the all made for you. Once you will have a ride, you will further like and love it more. For a lover, the model is too much important because for them it’s confidential to know the latest features along with some variation in its body shape.


  • Its engine details are transmission 6-speed manual (base) and Five-speed automatic one. It comes with a Power of 285 hp, along with this it has a Torque of 260 lb·ft.

It has four brakes that are further dividing into Front and Rear brakes disc (ABS).

  • The best spec of this vehicle is that has best drive control while riding on the hill.

Meanwhile, its steering is capable to move the tire at any possible angle.

It’s not an easy task to combine all of the features here because this comprises a long list.


During 2018 Price of Jeep Wrangler in Pakistan:

Its different model is importing in the world, but it ranges in between.

  • 20 Lac to 50 Lac

The people especially live at the specific height they more like to ride it with more craze. Because this is more powerful so in case of going on height it’s not any problem for them in any case of road obstacles. Moving to the price of Jeep Wrangler then during 2018 in Pakistan it is quite high that also given above but according to specs this is quite fit and even majority of fans says this is really reasonable.

All of its features and specs are quite satisfactory. The only thing is that its come in your range or not. If you are making up your mind to get it then once you will have a single drive of it. Hope so this will enough for you to boost you move up.

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