Fiat Tractor Prices in Pakistan 2018 640 480

From last several years, in Pakistan the Fiat tractor provers its name with the best sort of performance. Basically, New Holland is the manufacture of these vehicles that are always famous for product quality. Here prices of two Fiat models 640 and 480 of Fiat Tractor in Pakistan are updating for 2018 model. These two are division are finalize on the bases of usage and land nature. In Pakistan there is two type of farmers and lands, some rural areas had hardcore earth so in these areas, 640 tractors are best to use. Although its fuel consumption is greater it produces best results, while 480 is best for the areas where earth nature is soft. Besides this, the owner of bigger land must want to have greater horsepower tractor. But overall both of them are best to use in the land. Hopefully, they will full fill all type of needs that a farmer requires from their automobile.

The major difference between these Tractors:

640 Fiat Tractors Has:

  • Six Cylinders
  • Disk Brakes
  • Power Steering

480 Fiat Tractor Has:

  • Three Cylinders
  • Power Steering
  • Fuel Consumption is Really Good

Its previous models are not good for carriage so when one needs to shift crop from one place to another; farmer must face problems. At that time company is only focus on land usage, now as customer demand more then they made the number of changes in this latest model. Now power steering is also introduced with improvement in its speed. With the passage of time, they will improve multiple specs in their machines that is the reason behind their popularity.

Fiat Tractor Prices in Pakistan 2018 640 480



Fiat 480S:

  • Price in start of Last Year: Rs 716200 Now in 2018: Rs 706,200

Fiat 480Pw:

  • Price in start of Last Year: Rs 725200 Now in 2018: Rs 717,200


Fiat 640

  • In Last year Simple: 1015800 Rupees Now: Rs 1009,800
  • DB = Before: 1024800 Rupees Now: Rs 1009,800
  • 640 S = 1098900 Rupees
  • S DB = 1115400 Rupees

This year these prices are going up due to adding more income tax. Because of this increase in Fiat Tractor Prices in Pakistan for both of certain models, maybe selling rate is going down this year in 2018. But no doubt this is the first choice of true farmers. Because they had never compromise on quality and try to full fill every demand of their user.

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