Income Tax Calculator Pakistan 2018 Calculation of Income Tax on Salary

As Pakistani its responsibility that one must give a part of income as tax, meanwhile, for the government, it’s equally important that they announce proper parameters.  Its calculation is very easy now on our site, all the individuals can easily get to know their annual salary, annual tax liability, monthly tax liability. We are bringing the most updates Income Tax Calculator Pakistan 2018  which Calculation of Income Tax on Salary. There would be many readers who are not familiar with the income tax because there are many beginners here. So we are going to let you know that what is income tax actually? Basically, this is one of the levy (tax) which is compulsory to pay for individuals or entities that varies with the income or profits of the taxpayer. There are many systems that define income subject tax broadly for only the residents but the tax nonresident is only on the specific type of income.

In most of the countries, income tax is used, The tax system is used greatly and can be proportional, regressive, progressive but all depending upon the type of taxes. Wherever you go there are only two systems which are widely used for income tax one is

  • Territorial
  • The second one is Residential

Income Tax Calculator Pakistan 2018 Calculation of Income Tax on Salary

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To know your Annual salary along with the Tax Liability (Annual/Monthly) just put your monthly salary into the given box and you will easily get to know that. That Calculator is very useful for the beginners to calculate income tax if you want to know that if someone is receiving a monthly salary in different figures you should calculate it on the normal calculator and then put into this specific one to get the final result. The above-given link in red color will take you to the Income Tax calculator Pakistan 2018 and salaried person class slabs are able to know their salary taxes. In current circumstances, it’s important to know such type of calculations because this year government adds many new things.

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