PTCL Charji EVO Cloud Wingle Packages 2018

With the approaching of 2018, some new packages have introduced by PTCL Charji EVO.  These are different for Cloud and Wingle devices. Meanwhile price of these signal providing machines is separate from each other. Unquestionably, there is the largest number of people who are linked with the PTCL because of their best offers and services. With changing the technology trend, this company is also advancing their overall system.  Right now in the field of telecom, there is a very tough competition among the companies. So to maintain customers, it’s essential to provide the best type of services. Furthermore, now different groups are also endeavoring the best type of Internet bundles to attract customers. And in this race, PTCL is also leading from the front.

Importantly, this time company is also improving the technology of both Cloud and Wingle devices. Through this now customer will get better signal strength. For sure, this will directly affect your net speed. Amazingly, these bundles are valid for both prepaid and postpaid users. So hurry up, and buy any of device from the nearest outlet or order them online.

Device Price:

  • Evo Cloud: 2,500
  • Wingle: 2,000( Not Sure)

 PTCL Charji EVO Cloud Wingle Packages 2018

Right now in 2018 PTCL offer same Charji Packages for both EVO Cloud and Wingle Devices:

offer of this company

  • Note: These all are default offers. In order to get an extra 5 GB bundle, one need to pay extra 500 Rupees.

From where one will get these devices?

These are available at One Stop Shop or one will buy them from an authorized dealer.

  • Online one will deliver them from Yayvo

Some New EVO Wingle Packages 2018

If one will want to swap one type of bundle to other ones, then this is free of cost. So first try anyone among them, and then switch to a bundle that will fit on you. This is just amazing for the people of Pakistan who always looking forward to some fastest internet speed. Right now if one examines these bundles the offers of other companies, then these are best one. And better speed made them just awesome.

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