Volta & Osaka Batteries Price List in Pakistan 2018

At present energy crisis time, every one wants to have trustworthy and economical power solutions. When it comes to battery usage options then Volta and Osaka are the most recommended one. No doubt both of these are different name and qualities as well, but they are manufactured under one platform. Both are best in working, but no one knows that whey their think tank differentiate them from each other. Those who need to buy anyone among Volta & Osaka Batteries can verify their price list. In Pakistan, we compare the price list of volta and Osaka Batteries in 2018. Both names manufacture their items for every type of usage. From domestic usage to industrial one every type of battery is available in both names. Now the various model of are available in the market and in every latest one come with some improvement that makes it long lasting in life.

Currently, they also offer Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries. These give the perfect and complete sealing of post. Their unique structure that comprises of triple sealing, it can wholly prevent any kind of acid leakage. Now they also come with Safety valve options so that you can have stable open and also close pressure. Their Grids are made from multi-element alloy so that battery can have a long life.

Volta & Osaka Batteries Price List in Pakistan 2018


This company makes use of lid heat sealing technology in order to ensure the safest seal of the battery. All of their products are installed with Multi-layer kind of seal technology and too with a special glue. These steps are taken by them so that batteries face no leakage. It is their core values and norms that make them stand out. They work with integrity and complete credibility. We see honesty in their workmanship. Their team thinks in an innovative way and produce manufacture environment-friendly products.


There is a list of battery model available in both Volta & Osaka here in Pakistan. So to get an idea about price 2018, one needs to call one any number given on below list …


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Meanwhile, Osaka produces automotive batteries and too for the inverter. They have this competitive edge to be called as the only and single local manufacturer of the making of Tubular Batteries. They offer all kinds of Motorcycle Batteries which range from 04 Amp to about 10 Amp.

They also make specialized one for Solar Panels. They have passed this milestone and biggest achievement of producing and making VRLA one. These can give better and composed solutions related to the sectors of solar energy as well as telecommunication.

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